Best Kept Secrets of the Data Rich: Uncovering the Technologies & Best Practices that Boost CX Success


Gone are the days of simply adding self-service as an option is sufficient for CX. Aberdeen Research data shows firms are now adopting AI and automation as key pillars of their activities to continuously and rapidly adjust self-service based on changing customer expectations. Data rich & savvy is quickly replacing just “data heavy” by setting new ROI for happy customers, decreasing costs, and growing revenue.

Learn more about how firms are upping the level of quality when it comes to self-service:

  • What criteria differentiate the data rich & savvy from firms with traditional self-service
  • Why data rich & savvy businesses are driving a 3.5x increase in self-service containment rates
  • How the same firms realize over a 2.7x increase in YoY annual revenue
  • Why Enlighten XO is raising the bar for smart self-service with smart data, purpose-built AI, and a seamless integration into self-service channels