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The Ultimate CX Agent Guide: How to be the ‘employer of choice’ and not an internet meme


Are your agents ready to manage voice and digital interactions in a digital-first omnichannel environment? Your customers using digital technology in daily life expect agents to be as digital fluent as they are—and they want fast resolution through any channel.

Agent roles expanded after digital transformation. They don’t just handle break-fix support calls anymore. Using fun memes, we highlight the agent experience that ranges from fear of phones on the first day to their secret opinions on coaching and refresher training. And we’ll tell you how you can fill gaps in your call center agent training program so they feel prepared and confident from the start. If you’re looking for advice on hiring agents with high-value interpersonal skills, onboarding new in-office or remote agents faster, developing effective training for a hybrid workforce, or what metrics you should use for performance measuring, then this is the eBook to read.

We asked CX coaching experts about building user-friendly contact center onboarding and training programs to prepare new and existing agents to handle sales, support, customer service, and more no matter what channel customers use. Do your agents need de-escalation training? Real-time coaching? Remote learning? Use this eBook as a training guide—it covers that and more.

You learn how to:

  • Use call center training techniques and coaching methods to drive first call resolution
  • Increase agent engagement through gamification of training topics
  • Support agents from onboarding through everboarding to drive great CX
  • Improve CX by optimizing your agent training program at your contact center or call center 

Get your copy of this meme-filled guide on training agents in a digital-first world.

White Papers

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