The Data that Drives Smart Digital: How to Put Your Bot In Touch with Reality


Bots got your CX down? As customers, we’ve all been there – stuck with a bot that doesn’t understand our needs, resigned to the live phone interaction we hoped to avoid.

As business leaders, you’ve built your chatbots to understand your customers -- or have you? Why are your customers bypassing your bots, skipping over your web resources, and driving even more calls with live agents?

Historically, self-service applications have been built based on considerable amounts of guesswork – but there’s a better way. From conversational data, businesses are building smart digital solutions that understand why customers reach out, how customers ask questions, what successful agents do to resolve needs, and the optimal workflow to maximize resolutions and customer sentiment.

Join this session for a demo of Enlighten XO with our product experts to learn:

  • How to use conversational data with AI to make smart self-service a reality
  • Why businesses are turning to smart digital to decrease costs by 5x
  • How to build digital 10x faster, that responds with better CX
  • And, how to get started with a free proof-of-concept with your own data

Your customers won’t be waiting in queues, meet them with digital CX that works.