The Attended Automation Impact—for your Agent and Customer Experiences


Business digitization is no longer a bonus feature, but a necessity. As a result, businesses now must personalize customer experiences to differentiate themselves from their competition, such as using curated AI software to customize specific use cases. One kind of AI software, attended automation, contains different automation technologies, including cognitive automation and robotic process automation, and together they form the core of digital transformation technologies for businesses looking for an edge.

To simplify workflows both in the front and back offices, NICE has developed its proprietary attended automation solution: NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant). The virtual attendant automates mundane tasks and employee guidance, transforming the end-to-end employee experience. NEVA is the employees' personal assistant, enabling efficient customer service with a human touch.

Learning Objectives:

  • The dynamics of attended automation, its value, and use cases
  • How attended automation is transforming the customer experience
  • How attended automation is improving agent performance
  • Quadrant’s recommendations on selecting and adopting attended automation
  • Why NEVA stands out in the attended automation market