Reimagining Customer Experience Beyond the Contact Center


Your customers are overwhelmingly trying to resolve their needs through self-service first before they attempt to connect with your customer service or inside sales teams. However, most organizations are still viewing the contact center and digital CX as separate operations and flows. This creates unsustainable customer friction. Join us to learn about CXi, NICE’s new approach for seamless customer experiences across digital, self-service, and agent-assisted interactions. Imagine the possibilities of:

  • Meeting your customers at any digital entry point to facilitate smart starts to every journey
  • Seamlessly guiding and orchestrating all customer journeys across all channels
  • Leveraging the power of smart self-service that actually works every time to improve CX
  • Preparing your agents with real-time, on-time help for fast, personalized interactions
  • Continuously and holistically elevating customer experiences and finetuning your operations