Optimizing Patient Experience with a Unified Patient Interaction Strategy


The past few years have been pivotal for healthcare leaders. Between loss of patient trust amid the turmoil of the pandemic and rising patient expectations as a consumer-focused mindset, it's crucial for healthcare providers to take steps to optimize the patient experience. And it needs to happen now.

As many providers strive for more patient-centric services and care, one key area of opportunity is to streamline patient interactions across the healthcare contact center and digital channels. Having a unified patient interaction strategy across departments can create continuity, consistency, and greater patient satisfaction.

In this webinar, hear how some providers are rethinking digital and voice patient interactions as part of improving overall patient experience. You'll learn:

  • Why unifying patient interactions is crucial for improving experiences
  • How to identify gaps in patient experience and how fix them
  • Considerations for collaborating across departments


  • Marcus Garcia, NICE, RVP, Sales, Americas, Premier, CX
  • Annamarie Cutroneo, VP Operations, Hackensack Meridian Health
  • Katie Boemecke, Sr. Director of Patient Experience, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Tamra Lopez / Director of Operations, University of Miami Hospitals
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