NICE Workforce Management Presents: The Convergence of Labor and Tech in the Omnichannel World


The past few years have seen a paradigm shift in workforce management (WFM), with emerging solutions and channels transforming how BPOs provide contact center services. With economic uncertainty putting pressure on contact centers and BPO providers alike to do more with less, customer service is increasingly omnichannel.

Join Tom Luther of Outsource Consultants and Jason Early, Amanda Lynn, and Mark Gill of NICE for an in-depth look at the top issues affecting WFM today. In this webinar, they’ll discuss:

  • The changing role and contributions of WFM teams in the modern contact center.
  • What needs to change to deliver better and more accurate forecasts and schedules and meet line adherence requirements.
  • How today’s WFM solutions handle asynchronous, digital, and long interactions.
  • The role of intraday management in reallocating staff in real time.