Make Automation Personal


Sometimes it takes a little help from a friend to ensure a job well done. That’s where NICE Employee Virtual Attendant—NEVA for short— comes in. NEVA simplifies your workflows for front- and back-office employees, increasing efficiency, ensuring compliance and identifying opportunities for upselling. As the first virtual attendant designed specifically for employees, NEVA is transforming the employee experience, and is elevating service levels. NEVA frees your employees from the mundane, low-value tasks that consume so much of their time each day. She is triggered by specific actions to provide employees with context-specific guidance on what to say and do next. In doing so, she reduces the training burden on your organization. Powered by NICE Desktop Automation, NEVA is built with the unique capabilities and intelligence to handle the dynamic, complex nature of each employee’s desktop environment. Her sole purpose is to enable and inspire your employees to reach their full potential.