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Improve customer service with NICE CXone Expert knowledge management

Most knowledge bases don’t cut it. They’re too basic, slow, and don’t offer the easy findability and governance today’s companies need. What they need is knowledge management. What is knowledge management? Knowledge management is a solution that provides AI-powered customer self-service that’s always available, personalized, and proactive and supports improved customer and agent experience. If you’re seeking the best customer service experience, knowledge management is a great idea. Watch now to see how NICE CXone Expert can help you improve customer experience.


CXone Expert knowledge management

Great experiences begin with knowledge. CXone Expert knowledge management makes sure that your customers and agents get that knowledge in the form of the information, answers, and support they need wherever they are along in their journey.

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Get the rundown on knowledge management with Knowledge Rocks

Instant gratification means getting what you need when you need it. For customers needing support, that means proactively providing answers to their issues—24/7, on the channels they prefer. No spinning wheels, no long wait times, no third-party how-tos on YouTube.