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How AI Redefines Self-Service: Customers Take Control with Their Own Words


Customer centricity today is more important than ever, but more difficult to attain. To achieve it in the age of omnichannel conversations, companies must capture and analyze every customer conversation, and apply the insights with immediacy to every customer channel. Opus Research explores the latest advancements in Conversational AI technologies that evolve self-service, advancing CX to become even more customer-centric.

Download this whitepaper from Opus Research to learn:

  • Which core technologies of Conversational AI that enable true customer centricity
  • What capabilities companies focus on to select the best technological solution for customer centricity
  • How companies that implement core conversational AI technologies are seeing improvements in customer satisfaction and employee productivity
  • How Enlighten XO unique, purpose-built AI learns from conversational data to improve automation resolution, optimize knowledge management, and drive proactive outreach
  • Why both businesses and customers are benefitting from how AI redefines self-service