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Harnessing Digital Channels and WFM to Provide the Best Service for Every Customer


Contact centers have more challenges than ever due to the introduction of new generations to the workplace, lasting effects of the pandemic on consumer and employee behavior, and the need for resiliency amid economic uncertainty.

These challenges have fueled a paradigm shift surrounding workforce management (WFM). Facing a new, increasingly blended digital office, WFM teams are looking to enable more flexible planning, scheduling, forecasting, and work assignments. And they realize that they need to abandon legacy WFM tools and practices in favor of a modern solution that more accurately accounts for digital channels in planning.

But modernizing WFM is not the only route to better contact center management and customer experiences. Consumers demand excellent customer service, and the gap between customer expectations and the business reality is growing. Customers want to be able to contact brands quickly and effectively through a number of digital channels. How do you meet them where they are at, without overloading your agents? With WFM, you can ensure you have the right agents in the right place at the right time. With cutting-edge digital tools, you can equip your agents to help customers where, when, and how they want to interact. 

With a complete, integrated solution that brings together scheduling and digital channels, you can prepare for success by having the right workforce in place with the right tools for any digital channel.

Explore the digital tools that complement WFM:

  • Smart self-service that proactively meets customers on their internet searches
  • Knowledge management that serves accurate, personalized results specific to customer profiles
  • Cross-channel switching that transfers customers’ information with each hand-off
  • Real-time agent coaching to reinforce skills learned in coaching sessions