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Exploring Corporate Opinions on BPOs


NICE, in partnership with Execs in the Know, is excited to announce a new topic-based research report devoted entirely to CX leaders’ thoughts on BPOs and agent outsourcing. This new 40-page report, titled Exploring Corporate Opinions on BPOs, dives into one of the most discussed topics within the Execs In The Know community, providing data-backed insights into a variety of subjects including the current experience with providers, barrier to entry, concerns, and opportunities for improvement.

A few key insights from this latest research:

  • 33% of those currently outsourcing said “Reduce Costs” is their primary objective for outsourcing, while 30% of those not currently outsourcing said “Reduce Costs” would be the primary driver should they outsource in the future (both top answers among each respective group).
  • Among the top concerns CX leaders have with outsourcing in general are Guarding Brand Equity/Reputation (65%), Program Performance and Quality (48%), Costs (38%), and Data Integrity/Security (35%).
  • 60% of survey respondents said they’d be willing to pay more for BPO services based on the suite of services and technologies offered by the provider.
  • 50% of survey respondents expect no changes to their outsourcing situation in the coming year.