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Elevating the Value of Self-Service with Data-Driven Automation


Companies are increasingly adopting and spending on self-service and conversational artificial intelligence to improve Customer Experience (CX). Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) bolster self-service, with data and automation working hand in hand with them. Companies looking to ratchet up the value of their self-service initiatives must begin automating the flow of data collected from customer interactions into their IVAs. This will reduce their development effort and improve investment and business success metrics, such as customer satisfaction.

To lay the groundwork for smart self-service, CX professionals can:

  • Evaluate the knowledge bases in use, and by whom, and build a consolidation plan
  • Harness the power of AI and ML to keep knowledge base content up to date
  • Adopt or expand use of self-service IVA technology
  • Integrate self-service and other CX channels
  • Automatically incorporate data from CX channels to improve self-service IVAs

Learn how the leaders are implementing these practices by building smart self-service with Enlighten XO.