Drive Business Growth Through Customer Service and Support


In today's rapidly changing landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), it is crucial for organizations to comprehend the integration of technology with human-centric principles to propel organizations to success through customer service. This presentation aims to explore the future of technology by examining the role of AI in customer service. It emphasizes the importance of embracing human-centricity, where organizations should prioritize every experience around humans to thrive in the digital age.

Lastly, the session will focus on driving business growth through customer service and support, highlighting the significance of measuring and leveraging key performance indicators (KPIs) to realize actual growth. By attending this session, organizations can gain a better understanding of the fusion of technology and human-centricity, which is vital for achieving sustainable business success in the era of AI to expand customer service and support at your organization.

In this session, Katrina Schiedemeyer, Customer Service & Innovation Manager at Publicis Sapient will focus on:

  • Defining the future of technology. What is AI’s role in the future of customer service?
  • Embracing human centricity. How can an organization succeed by centering every experience around humans.
  • Drive business growth through customer service and support. How can your organization measure and leverage KPIs to realize actual growth.