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Diversity in the Digital Workplace


It’s an exciting and dynamic time in customer contact. No longer are we looking at Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to solely improve operational efficiencies or provide tech-savvy self-service options to customers. But we now have the capabilities to truly enable human employees to interact with customers in a more intuitive, personable and meaningful way. With a desktop robot for every employee, guiding and augmenting their performance in real-time, the customer experience domain is soaring to new heights.

What’s more, the maturation of RPA and related technologies, combined with the growing need for organizations to continually improve and innovate customer experience, makes desktop automation in the contact center and front office a must-have. The integration of intelligent desktop robots is giving rise to a digitally diverse workplace, augmenting and enhancing employee performance to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Download this insightful paper which shows how intelligent desktop automation technology can extend the value of RPA into the Customer Experience domain while also improving employee performance and motivation.