CXone for Government Agencies


Government agencies are crucial providers of essential services, and citizens rely on them to meet their needs. However, trust and satisfaction in government have been declining due to subpar customer journeys, particularly when compared to trends in the private sector. Common complaints include a lack of convenience, fairness, transparency, and resolution. As government agencies exist to serve citizens, they must strive to build trust and satisfaction with them.

NICE CXone can assist national and local government agencies in this mission by intelligently connecting and completing citizen interactions to create satisfying customer journeys, thereby building trust with every interaction.

To reverse decades of growing distrust, government leaders have acted by creating legislation and standards to improve citizen satisfaction with government services. Critical improvement targets include increasing web and mobile access to convenient self-and agent-assisted services, and to monitor, report, and improve citizen satisfaction, confidence, and trust KPIs.

NICE Cxone can help agencies orchestrate excellent customer journeys by:

  • Elevating access, equity, and satisfaction for all citizens
  • Empowering agency workforce through training, coaching, and performance gamification
  • Harnessing the power of ML and generative AI to enable better CX, improve work processes, and enhance employee productivity
  • Safeguarding constituent privacy and protecting agency reputation with CX solutions that are FedRAMP authorized