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CXOne Personal Connection

The goal of any outbound dialing campaign is to connect with as many customers in as few call attempts as possible. Whether your contact center is calling to sell insurance, notify customers of a power outage, or confirm an upcoming doctor’s appointment, connecting with more people in less time gives you a better chance to reach your business goals. Unfortunately, though, sometimes outbound campaigns can feel like a whole lot of dials with very little dialog. But making less dials and getting more dialog isn’t magic. It’s smart features and simple math! This technical white paper explains why and how CXone Personal Connection, the native predictive dialer that is part of the CXone platform, enables outbound call centers to reduce the number of call attempts and at the same time increase the number of successful connections. Sounds impossible? Don’t take our word for it—this white paper uses hard data and simple math to explain why Personal Connection can make a big difference for any contact center that makes outbound calls. This white paper will focus on the following topics related to CXone Personal Connection:

  • How predictive dialing with CXone Personal Connection is different
  • Answering Machine Detection (AMD): What it is, what it does
  • Better list penetration and happier customers with “no pause” dialing
  • More productive campaigns with less call attempts
  • Why making agents part of Answering Machine Detection (AMD) is a good idea
  • “Hopping”: sounds funny, makes a lot of sense What it comes down to is that when you start using Personal Connection as your dialer solution you can reach more customers by using your dialing lists more effectively and increasing your agents’ efficiency. Enough preamble—let’s start looking into more detail and some hard numbers.