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CX Best Practices: Micromoments that Create Forever Customer Loyalty


At every step (or micromoment) in a customer’s journey through your contact center, you can win or lose their loyalty. Do you focus on reducing friction in each micromoment equally? If you do that, not only will you improve the buying process, you’ll uncover technology weaknesses, gaps in agent training, and elevate CX. Optimizing CX at each micromoment with new customers grows your customer base, and that’s crucial. You get an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell to them later and increase revenue.

But it’s easier said than done. Customers interact with businesses using over 30 digital and voice channels. They might not ever speak with an agent who can influence their perception of the service they received. And these days, digital customers expect the same attention and effective service as they get in a store, which triggers an evaluation. You might need upgrades to deliver an ideal experience to digital customers. Can you meet these new customer expectations with your current system and processes, and if you can’t, what’s the fix?

In this eBook, four CX practitioners in education, finance, healthcare, and technology industries offer their best practices on implementing a successful CX strategy that eliminates friction at critical touchpoints in their customers’ journeys. Not only did they enhance CX in various channels, they increased revenue, raised CSAT scores, improved agent engagement, and more. Learn from their proven strategies to enhance CX during micromoments in your customers’ journeys. You learn:

  • Proven strategies for enhancing service at journey touchpoints specific to industry type and business size
  • How four experts identified and fixed friction points at micromoments and the results they achieved
  • How to optimize self-service and knowledge management to meet digital customer needs and customer preferences
  • The impact of technology upgrades on agent engagement and retention
  • Steps to take when evaluating your technology and processes to minimize disruption internally


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White Papers

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