AI & Automation: Setting the Stage for a BPO’s CX Success


Any business process outsourcer (BPO) that hasn’t yet adopted AI technologies and AI-empowered automation and/or considers AI to be a low-priority investment, needs a strategic reset. In Metrigy’s research, those BPOs that have already embraced the use of AI report significant revenue growth, increased agent efficiency, and improvements in customer ratings—the value cannot be understated!

Join Metrigy’s Robin Gareiss, CEO & Principal Analyst, and Tom Stanley, NICE BPO Regional Vice President, for research-backed insights on how BPOs are employing or planning to use AI and automation to advance operational success. Discover what’s working well, and what needs improving.

You’ll come away with key insights on:

  • Which AI technologies are having the greatest impact on CX success
  • The value in taking an AI-powered approach to workforce management
  • The use of workforce automation for improved agency efficiency