White Papers

AI-Enabled Self-Service for the Enterprise


Customers prefer self-service – but only when it works. Dive into DMG's report on how AI is transforming the effectiveness of self-service for the better. Learn how businesses are revamping their approach to typical self-service challenges with AI and the right data to personalize digital experiences and finally bring intelligence to IVAs.

In this report, gain insights from DMG thought leadership on the major transition to self-service, including:

  • What is intelligent self-service
  • Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) is crucial in the contact center
  • Examples of how the practical application of AI improves Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs)
  • Why building effective self-service means being intelligent in its design
  • Why new levels of self-service personalization are possible with AI
  • How NICE Enlighten XO delivers the keys to the self-service customers deserve