3 Ways to make your contact center the employer of choice


Today’s shrinking labor force—and the Great Resignation—are making it harder than ever to recruit and retain top contact center agents. In fact, 61% of employers are finding it difficult to hold on to employees.

Discover what it takes to satisfy agents before it’s too late:

  1. Onboarding can be overwhelming and isolating—create a remote-friendly experience and reinforce agents’ newly acquired skills.
  2. Friction is frustrating—give agents the tools they need to find (and provide) better solutions to customer problems.
  3. Purpose is empowering—inspire agents by measuring outcome-based performance rather than efficiency output, which can be counterproductive to quality work.
White Papers

The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement and Empowerment (ContactBabel)

High agent turnover isn’t just a thorn in the sides of contact center leaders—because agents don’t start a job hoping for a poor experience.