3 Ways AI Helps Empower Agents to Deliver Wow-Experiences


Agents are on the front lines of delivering customer service experiences. And that's what customers have grown to expect – not merely service, but a smooth, easy "experience." AI and machine learning can help agents on every single interaction by empowering them with the data-driven tools they need to drive exceptional CX. By measuring the agent soft-skill behaviors and customer sentiment on every interaction, AI-driven analytics delivers smarter insights to agents when they need it most – during a conversation. Other benefits include individualized coaching on behaviors and automated agent notetaking to save time and money.

Watch this webinar to learn how AI can:

  • Deliver personalized, proactive, transparent customer service
  • Directly coach agents on behaviors and next best actions, in real-time, to improve sentiment and CSAT
  • Capture complete notes, improve agent and customer experience with automated notetaking