Intelligent, real-time responsiveness.
Desktop guidance in real-time

Arm employees with intelligent real-time guidance, triggered by desktop actions, showing them what to say or do in context with the live customer interaction.

Automation of desktop processes

Remove desktop complexities by automating routine tasks, lowering handle time and eliminating process errors.

Business insights & task mining

AI-driven desktop data collection for gaining business & operational insights, opportunities for process optimization & automation.

Unlock the full power of RPA with NEVA.

Watch how NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) personally enables front and back-office employees to reach their best potential.

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Unleash your employee's potential.

NEVA Assist has the intelligence and integration capabilities to navigate the very dynamic and complex nature of the employee’s desktop environment. Using her advanced decisioning engine, she understands what the employee wants to achieve by observing and interpreting their on-screen desktop activities (like in-app selections, button clicks, field entries etc.) and responds in real-time with next-best-action guidance or by automating tasks.

NEVA’s smart guidance includes disclosures, reminders, sales best practices, product details, as well as a ‘full view’ of the customer, with relevant data drawn from multiple screens and applications, presented in the right context. The desktop data collected by NEVA can also be leveraged for optimizing processes or for identifying process automation opportunities.

Bringing people and robots together.

Unleash your employees’ potential by placing a NEVA attended bot on their desktop, helping them meet their KPIs as well as your service operations business goals.

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“With NEVA, our company has not only experienced dramatic improvements to call handling times and contact center productivity—but also significant improvements in customer satisfaction.”
Topias Huovinen, Senior Manager Telia Finland
Augment human potential at scale.
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NEVA is triggered automatically by the employee’s desktop actions, popping up with just the right advice or next-best-action recommendation.

Integrated into desktop applications
Our secret sauce lies within our application integration: with new or legacy, desktop or remote, known or home-grown – NEVA works across any application just like the employee would.
Complements your unattended bots

Offloading tasks to backend unattended bots, or receiving tasks from them which require human intervention – NEVA teams up with your unattended bots AND employees.


NEVA includes all the ingredients needed to succeed with RPA: a design environment, control room, AI task mining, data collection, lively community and much more.

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