Nexidia Search in Practice

Delivering Results When and Where You Need Them

Nexidia is the undisputed audio expert. With technology capable of processing multiple languages (45+), scalability for handling the largest of projects, and the expertise that comes from processing millions of hours of audio and video content, Nexidia is the only solution for Audio Discovery.

Nexidia's patented phonetic indexing and search technology delivers significant advantages over speech-to-text processing. Speed, scalability and accuracy translate directly to benefits for litigation, regulatory requests, and internal investigations.

The Strengths of Nexidia’s technology include:

Highest Accuracy: Nexidia’s phonetic indexing creates the most accurate index possible for spoken content. Because no subjective decisions need to be made to translate content into text, all the original spoken content is retained in the indexes and, therefore, no error is introduced into the process.

Completely Scalable: Only Nexidia’s phonetic technology can quickly and efficiently process hundreds of thousands of hours of content and make them available to your review team in a matter of days. Audio projects tend to grow as litigation or investigation proceeds. Often a project that starts with a few hundred hours of audio can turn into thousands of hours that require review. Nexidia’s phonetic indexing helps you and your team manage growing projects.

Applications in Legal Proceedings

Nexidia works with law firms, corporate legal departments, and regulators to handle discovery and compliance requirements for many types of audio information.

Regulatory Investigations

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are among the regulatory agencies using Nexidia for investigations into company transactions. Energy trading companies and financial services companies also use Nexidia to help them review recordings for internal investigation, regulatory, and litigation requests.

Litigation Disputes

Patent/trademark, contract, consumer, and employment matters are frequently subject to large volumes of audio content. Nexidia has worked with multiple litigants to provide a mutually cost-effective and efficient, single or multi-party review platform.

Corporate Voicemail Compliance

Unified Messaging Systems that store voicemails in the email inbox create potential discovery issues. After spending hundreds of hours listening to audio and video recordings in one matter, a California high-tech company’s legal staff knew there must be a better way to review the content, they implemented Nexidia’s Forensic Search in their legal department

Criminal Matters

Nexidia can even support the search of audio in wiretaps and criminal matters. In one case, defense counsel was handed several hundred hours of inmate recordings by the prosecution... with no guidance as to what was in the calls. The use of Nexidia’s Discovery Analytics combined with its phonetic search capabilities made this a perfect opportunity to get the most from Nexidia Search.