Mitigate Risk and Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Nexidia Analytics’ Complaint and Compliance Management

Regulatory changes are a fact of life, and they affect the financial industry the most. With constant technology advancements and market movements, organizations need strategic ways to gain insight into high risk transactions and compliance breaches. Increased litigation, fines and other enforcement actions heighten scrutiny of compliance practices, and creates the need to manage risk by investigating non-traditional channels such as recorded conversations between traders and third parties. Tapping into this rich repository of unstructured data provides insight to fraudulent and illegal activity before regulators arrive.

Compliance Management, Powered by Nexidia Analytics and NICE Quality Central

As part of the Nexidia Customer Engagement Analytics framework, Nexidia Analytics on its own offers a powerful foundation for compliance officers. But the further tailored optional overlay or stand-alone Complaint and Compliance Management solution boosts trading center and financial institutions' needs for detecting fraud and maintaining regulations with every single interaction an agent or trader has with a customer.

Using the power of Neural Phonetic Speech AnalyticsTM, high risk transactions can be detected across different languages, accents, dialects, and even using non-diarized language such as jargon or related terms. Analysis of 100% of the interactions allows specific risks to be defined as triggers, with configurable alerts sent to any or all parties involved such as agents, management, compliance officers, or quality monitors. Dashboards are available for analysts, contact center supervisors, agents, and other functions throughout the business so that every job function can focus on performing at its best.

Furthermore, by adding the NICE Quality Central solution into the complaint and compliance management flow, organizations are empowered to identify breaches in compliance and coach agents on necessary steps to take to avoid future breaches. The Quality Central solution offers extensive methods of enabling agents and facilitating strong agent to management relationships by building accountability across all job descriptions.

Learn more about the power of the comprehensive Customer Engagement Analytics framework, and read more about the NICE Quality Central solution to see how these offerings create so many opportunities for your organization to improve efficiency, save costs, and maintain both agent behavioral and regulatory compliance.