Advanced Analytics

Putting Discovery into Audio Discovery

Nexidia’s Advanced Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics™ Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is included in every instance of Nexidia OnDemand. This toolset applied during processing, provides the basis for advanced word and phrase-based, visual analytics to help you learn about your audio population early in the process.

The Advance Analytics module incorporates visual representations that are particularly valuable when investigating a relatively unknown population of audio data. While Nexidia’s Phonetic Index is by far the most accurate way to search for known terms and phrases within audio, it does not evaluate the “hottest” concepts and trends in your body of audio. This is where Advanced Analytics expands the capabilities of Nexidia Search.

Advanced Analytics delivers these additional features:

  • Interactive Word Clouds
  • Related phrase expansion
  • Sentiment analysis and graphing
  • Synchronized transcript display
  • Phrase trend analysis

These capabilities provide insight into what you don’t know you don’t know.

Learning about the audio population in this way is carried over into the Search and Review phases through a greater understanding of the concepts, phrases, terms, and relationships within the corpus. In addition, Advanced Analytics produces a textual transcript that is displayed within the Search interface while reviewing audio search results.

The Artificial Intelligence built into Nexidia’s Advanced Analytics increases Nexidia Search’s capabilities even further. When provided textual feeds of information representative of the types of interactions expected in the population, ASR can learn from external content and deliver an even higher level of accuracy. Feeds can include chats (e.g. Bloomberg and Reuters), documents, email, and more.