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Call centers today have come a long way from the operations of just a decade or so ago. One of the primary factors that have helped call centers to evolve was the quality and type of software available to help agents at the call center and beyond. NICE CXone offers a wide range of software options for call centers that can help their agents, customers, and the overall quality of their business.

Why Choose the Cloud for Call Center Software?

NICE CXone is the #1 cloud customer experience platform, providing your call center software with more power, capabilities, and flexibility. You’ll find that the cloud offers a range of benefits when it comes to software for call centers over having a system in place at your facility.

The cloud provides a range of benefits for your call center software. Some benefits include:

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability

NICE CXone has the best uptime in the industry at 99.99%. You can be sure that your system is up and running, so you can put your efforts into your customers and your business rather than worrying about downtime. The Open Cloud Foundation makes it possible for you to scale up or down easily when your customer service requirements change.

Affordability is another great benefit of using a quality cloud service. It means you don’t have to worry about having expensive hardware at your site. This also means no worries about maintenance. You will only have to pay for what you use. You can add or subtract seats whenever you wish.

CXone can provide your company with a seamless experience for not only your customers, but also for all of your call center agents. It’s easy to use and because it is scalable, it will be the only solution you’ll need. It’s easy to get started with the cloud when you choose NICE CXone.

Types of Software Offered by NICE CXone

You’ll find that NICE CXone provides a range of software options to use. Omnichannel routing makes it possible to connect customer journeys across any channel. Agents will be empowered to provide fast, personalized, and proactive service to customers.

You’ll also appreciate the CXone customer analytics. You can take the insights you glean and make them easier to understand and actionable. This allows you to make improvements to various areas of your business. CXone Workforce Engagement even inspires your employees to improve on their own. With NICE CXone, you’ll also find the automation and AI features. All the advancements in technology will be at your fingertips, so you can make measurable improvements to your call center.

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Great Features of Today’s Call Center Software

Of course, you’ll also want to know more about the specific call center software features. We’ve spent 14 years making improvements and innovating our platform, and new features are added often. In the following section, you’ll learn more about the available features and see how they can help your call center.

Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD)

This is a skills-based omnichannel routing engine that will intelligently connect your customers with the best resource. This aspect of the call center software provides a universal queue for more than 30 channels with a consolidated omnichannel agent desktop with customer context.

The automatic contact distributor helps to increase the efficiency of your company by allowing agents to handle multiple interactions at the same time. The system can reduce wait time and increase customer satisfaction. The ACD utilized analytics and artificial intelligence as a means to provide smarter routing for all the contacts made with your company.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is another feature that can make things easier for your contact center. This is a voice self-service feature that will help to speed up resolution and improve routing. Automation can also help to reduce the overall costs. The software utilizes natural speech to collect caller information and to determine the best way to handle the contact for a better customer experience.

IVR can deliver faster service for happier customers. Using the 24x7 self-service can help to accelerate resolution. Engagement is boosted for the agents, as well. Rather than handling the same simple calls all the time that have the same answers, they can focus on work that’s more challenging and rewarding. This feature is easy to deploy and update across locations.

Interaction Channels

With the NICE CXone Interaction Channels, you’ll find more than 30 different options to connect with customers. This includes chat, messaging options, and voice. By providing your customers with more choice when it comes to how they contact your company, it makes things easier for them. They can choose to contact you via the method that they prefer, which makes them more likely to reach out. NICE works to add more channels regularly to ensure that your customers have as many options as possible.

This will help to increase customer satisfaction and can blend digital and voice interactions if necessary. When you have greater channel flexibility, it’s easier for your customers to contact you, and it’s something they are sure to appreciate.

Proactive Outbound

Another call center option is NICE CXone Personal Connection. This is a proactive predictive dialer that helps to generate more revenue and result in fewer hang-ups. This software will help the sales team, as it makes it possible for them to reach their quota of calls. They will connect with more prospects each day and cause of the increased connection rate you can reach more customers with the right information at the right time.

Your agents will also be happy because there is no awkward pause that is typically found with other dialing technology. This also means there is less of a chance of the customer hanging up before the agent even gets the chance to say hello. Another benefit of proactive outbound calls is that you can reduce the need for inbound calls to your call center.

My Agent eXperience (MAX)

Another feature to consider is MAX. This is a digital-first omnichannel agent interface that helps to streamline the interactions that happen at the contact center no matter the channel that’s used. It allows for more personalization thanks to the use of emojis, rich media, and other collaboration tools. The system makes it easy to handle a range of channels, and it helps agents to become more productive. The agents can switch and add channels as needed.

Agents will feel more empowered when they can personalize their interactions with the customers, thanks to the full customer context along with conversation history and sentiment across channels.

Workforce Intelligence

Workforce Intelligence from NICE CXone is a fully integrated contact center operations engine. It can improve supervisor productivity by triggering workforce and routing changes to ensure service levels are met. The system will free supervisors from mundane tasks, so they can focus on other aspects of their job, such as training agents and coaching.

The system helps to make it easier to adapt to changing conditions happening at the call center or contact center. Customers can use self-service to find the answers to many questions, and they can get help from agents when they wish. The system will also help you to better identify new opportunities for improving the efficiency and processes of your center.

Partner AI Chatbots

Another one of the benefits of using NICE CXone is the addition of AI chatbots. These bots utilize AI, machine learning, and speech recognition as a means to intelligently interact with human customers. Many companies are using this technology today, and you want to be sure that your company is choosing only the best, most accurate, and human-like bots available.

Chatbots can perform a wide range of tasks. They are especially helpful when it comes to repetitive tasks and questions that are asked often. Chatbots can be proactive, engage with customers, and can help to save money since live agents won’t be required to answer all questions.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management software is another type of technology for use in the call center. This allows you to better anticipate what your business demands are and to then optimize your workforce. It is easy to use and can provide a range of benefits for your call center.

This system also utilizes the patented AI and machine-learning technology to better gauge how to manage labor. It helps to reduce waste, improve adherence to schedules, and reduce the amount of time and effort spent on administration. You can quickly and easily adjust the plans to handle the call volume for the day.

Quality Management

NICE CXone Quality Management software is featured toward agent evaluation and coaching to benefit your call center. It features an intuitive and unified interface that’s easy to use. It’s built to reduce the amount of effort the evaluator has to put into evaluating the agents. They can evaluate more of the interactions per agent with less effort. This can make it easier to meet quality objectives and to increase agent ownership and engagement.

As with many of the other software features and options for call centers, this will help to reduce admin and maintenance efforts. It can also make it easier to provide the agents with the feedback they need to improve. The customer experience can be improved, as well, as it helps users to get a better understanding of the customer journey.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

To have a thriving and growing business, you must keep your customers happy. You must understand what your customers want and expect. Plus, you need to know when they’ve had issues with your company. Using customer satisfaction surveys is a fantastic way of getting this information.

Surveys can be used to unlock important customer data, so you can see where you are doing well and where you can improve. The feedback can help empower agents to better self-coach. It can allow supervisors to see where there may be greater problems that need to be addressed.

The dashboards are simple and intuitive, as they are with all the features and options from NICE CXone. It is also possible to customize surveys.

Performance Management

CXone Performance Management will help to inspire your employees to improve themselves and to adhere to organizational goals. The software will provide continuous feedback and transparency in a web-based social environment. Feedback helps to motivate agents, and it can reduce the workload on supervisors.

Omnichannel Analytics

Interactions Analytics from NICE CXone is powered by AI. This is an omnichannel contact center analytics and reporting product that helps to find the cause and trends of all of your customer interactions. It uses speech, voice, and text analytics as a means to identify problems. You can use the system to find risk areas and compliance problems, to look for training opportunities for your agents, and to improve your customer satisfaction.

It features a single, unified view that makes it easier to find and isolate potential problems regardless of where they originate. The analytics, along with reports discussed later, help you to get a better handle on your business and your call center.

Security and Reliability

The importance of security, reliability, and compliance in your call center can’t be underestimated. With NICE CXone Trust Office, you’ll have a system that’s safe for your company, agents, and customers. It can reduce the likelihood of data breaches and compliance fines, protecting you from potential profit loss.

Regular backups of the data help to ensure that the information is safe and usable. You will appreciate the disaster recovery and business continuity benefits that our service can provide.

CRM Integrations

If you have customer relationship management software already, as many companies do, you’ll be happy to know that there are many pre-built CRM integrations available with NICE CXone.

You will find integrations for:

  • Salesforce
  • Oracle Service Cloud
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Service Now
  • Zendesk
  • SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)
  • NetSuite
  • SugarCRM
  • Bullhorn

If you have to integrate with a different CRM or if you have a custom system, you can use one of our DEVone Partners to get a system set up that will work for your needs. Integrating with your CRM makes it easier to ensure customers are connected to the right resource as soon as possible. It also provides agents with a unified desktop.

UCaaS Integrations

Another feature that can make the system from NICE easier is UCaaS integrations. These are built-in adapters that connect the contact center to many of the most popular UC tools. It helps to bring two platforms together into a unified agent interface. Some integrations you can use include:

  • RingCentral
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft
  • LogMeIn
  • Atos, and more

The integration means that your agents won’t have to switch from one application to the other—it’s all available from a single interface. There will also be just a single log-in for all the interfaces and tools, which will be easier on the agent. Connecting and collaborating is easier, as well.

Voice as a Service

The optimized cloud voice and data services from NICE CXone provide quality connections between agents and customers. Despite the quality of the connections, it ensures a lower cost when compared with other options. Customers can access services in more than 130 countries around the world. Global routing helps to unify your workforce, even if you have call center agents spread around many locations.

The quality of the connections helps to reduce the number of dropped calls; thereby improving the customer experience. Few things are as frustrating for a customer as trying to get help from an agent only to have the call drop.


NICE CXone Reporting and Dashboards are easy to read and understand, and they will help to guide users to make better and more informed decisions. They are fully integrated and can offer both historical and real-time insights on important trends and metrics. You will have a better understanding of when you should act and how to act. It features more than 90 built-in reports. You can also generate custom reports that focus on your company’s requirements, whatever they might be. You can then take the information from the reports and send it to other systems to analyze it further.

Make NICE CXone Your Choice for Call Center Software

Having quality software for your call center is essential in today’s world. As you’ve seen, there are options and features available with NICE CXone to help with your call center and a host of other areas of your business. Get in touch and learn more about NICE CXone. We can help you get set up with exactly what your call center needs to thrive.

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