Contact Center Quality Management

It may seem like artificial intelligence is a relatively new technology trend, something that won’t impact customer care for years to come. In fact, the technologies that enable AI have been evolving for the past 50 years. Founded as an academic discipline in 1956, AI techniques have experienced a resurgence in the 21st century following concurrent advances in computer power and the availability of large amounts of data. As a result, AI has become an essential ingredient in customer care software innovation.

How AI is Already Changing Quality Management in an Omnichannel World 

But how do we seamlessly apply artificial intelligence to quality management systems to enhance its effectiveness without putting a lot of the heavy lifting on contact center management? Actually, it’s easier than you might think.

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Because just listening to calls is no longer enough. Customer interactions need to be collected and evaluated from every touchpoint – voice, text, email, social, etc. – so insights can be mined and delivered across the organization. Expanding monitoring beyond a single channel makes accurate tracking of your customer’s journeys possible, and is the first crucial step to creating omnichannel agents.

But that’s just the beginning. By deploying AI capabilities across the entire framework – contact center management, agent support, interaction automation, forecasting and scheduling, etc. – true omnichannel quality management becomes almost effortless.

In fact, companies are enjoying measurable results today, just shortly after deploying AI-enhanced quality management in their contact centers.

Come see what it can do for you, and what the future holds for additional AI/QM innovation.

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