​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​NICE inContact CXone​ Quality Management​ Pro (QM)​

Quickly automate quality across your entire center

With CXone QM Pro, a user-friendly cloud-based solution, contact centers of all sizes can reach an optimal level of quality management automation and performance without complexity.

Go from a check-list QM to a business driven QM with the flick of a switch​
​To be successful in today’s competitive contact center landscape, you must evolve past the traditional spreadsheets and manual data input. The migration to cloud-based solutions that can better align with an organization’s short- and long-term business goals is in full swing. CXone QM Pro ​automates and optimizes your quality processes with simplicity, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Coach your agents to a higher level of performance
With the ability to monitor all individual interactions as well as trends, you can better coach agents and modify their behavior to deliver better customer service. You can automatically receive interactions for evaluation based on your business preferences.

  • Prevent cherry-picking
  • Assure equal workload balancing​

Gain greater visibility into workflows, interactions and agent performance
​With a variety of customizable dashboards you can​​​ manage from the big picture to the smallest detail. Compare scores, evaluate workloads, monitor the performance of group, view trends over time periods, compare to others or drill down to individual employees.

​​Put the power of an enterprise-level, cloud-based quality mana​gement solution to work for​ you today 

Automated forms and workflows -
customize forms with an easy drag-and-drop form builder. Our question bank makes it simple and quick. Automate the distribution of your evaluation, calibration or coaching forms according to your quality plans. Select interactions for evaluation based on business-driven rules.​ ​

Cloud benefits are clear - ​eliminate the upfront capital expenditure, maintenance and upgrades associated with building or running your own on-premise solution. With our pay-per-use model, you can scale to meet demands and realize significant savings and ROI.

​​ A suite of solutions -​ in an effort to create a seamless experience across your entire organization, we created CXone WFO Pro, a workforce optimization suite of solutions that includes CXone QM Pro. Start with the components you need immediately and add services to scale with your business requirements.


CXone QM Pro will provide your organization with the following capabilities:

Simple, Intuitive Form Builder – Drag-and-drop form builder allows you to create customized evaluation or coaching forms.

Automate workflows – randomized or business-driven interaction selection can be used in quality plans. Automate alerts and distribution of work for evaluations, disputes, calibrations and coaching.

Effective coaching tools – deliver coaching based on a single interaction or on trends that will affect business-driven KPIs. Easily distribute materials, including links to knowledge-bases, videos and best practices.

Powerful dashboards – motivate agents by providing insight into personal and group performance with dashboards. Supervisors can compare scores, view long-term trends, distribute workload and easily determine whether evaluators are on track for meeting their agent's or group’s targets.

Realize an immediate return – achieve lower total cost of ownership with continuous delivery of new functionality without having to perform upgrades.

Gain Greater Visibility – fully leverage the CXone WFO Pro suite and gain greater visibility into agent scheduling adherence and insight into performance trends.

A quality management solution designed with the user experience in mind:

  • Implementation in mere minutes.​
  • An easy, intuitive user interface designed to minimize training requirements.
  • Continuous delivery of features and benefits.
  • No need to install and maintain hardware or software.

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