Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot

Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot

What makes someone a hero? Is it the amazing powers that they possess? Or the costume they sport? It may be just the character of their person and the things that they do that make a hero. Whatever the formula, many heroes never see the spotlight and hear the cheers of the people they serve. The unsung heroes, we call them.

And there is no better example of that than customer service agents.

Being a customer service agent has always been challenging, but the digital economy has made it even more so. Agents are expected to have superhuman abilities as more business is conducted virtually, creating complex and multistep journeys that span days or weeks. Customers have typically interacted with various platforms during these journeys, and agents are expected to have full context and meet high expectations. To make matters even more complex, agents are under increasing pressure to be more efficient while operating in a hybrid work model, often far from the support or answers to questions they need in the moment.

Enter Enlighten Copilot.

What is Enlighten Copilot

Enlighten Copilot is a centralized conversational AI assistance tool that promotes smarter guided interactions, AI-driven personalized coaching, and task automation opportunities, creating better agent and supervisor experiences by providing insights and information that is tailored to specific needs at the exact moment they are required. Copilot partners with service employees with a by-their-side conversational AI experience, acting as an empowerment multiplier to produce accurate, informed, brand-specific conversational responses. Additionally, Enlighten Copilot can benefit supervisors with smarter guided interactions, identifying the right performance improvement opportunities, automate creation and delivery of AI-driven coaching, and offload repetitive tasks to improve the overall agent and customer experience.

Agents can leverage Copilot to access tailored company knowledge and answers, getting the right information they need in real time through simple humanized conversational prompts. Copilot combines interaction events and metadata, creating order within organizational data using AI models that identify patterns. This knowledge can then be used to solve more complex business problems. With real-time collaboration capabilities, Copilot empowers agents to create repeatable functions, enhancing productivity. Together, these tools streamline processes, enable efficient problem-solving, and provide valuable insights to supervisors, optimizing the agent experience and delivering exceptional customer service.

Enlighten Copilot empowers agents and makes them virtually super-human by providing in-the-moment guidance by automatically prompting context-specific knowledge articles, real-time behavioral guidance, and triggering context-specific workflow automation. Copilot unifies all agent applications into a single pane of glass, providing one cohesive workspace for all ongoing interactions, digital and voice. It includes all the necessary tools and provides the agent full context and proactive assistance for each interaction. Additionally, it wraps up every interaction with easy-to-read notes and query-able attributes, allowing agents to know what they don’t know, behave exactly as the consumer expects, and work much faster. With Enlighten Copilot, being an agent is less challenging and creates empowering and efficient experiences.

Where does Copilot shine

Enlighten Copilot is more than just an AI assistant that helps customer service agents handle inquiries, route requests, and provide instant responses. It offers seamless omnichannel support and uses analytics and machine learning to provide real-time insights and recommendations. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, Copilot delivers relevant and personalized responses, addressing customer concerns promptly and accurately. It's a cost-efficient tool for businesses looking to optimize their workforce and drive continuous improvement. Here are some of the ways that make Enlighten Copilot the tip of the AI spear:

  1. Trusted information for meaningful customer service interactions: Enlighten Copilot empowers agents to use simple conversational prompts to find the service-related information they need in real time. It uses AI-driven algorithms to deliver the most accurate responses, based on its understanding of the entire vetted company knowledge base, ensuring the right, most precise and secure answers are being provided to the customer for every interaction.
  2. Enhanced efficiency and productivity: Enlighten Copilot automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks using AI algorithms, allowing customer service agents to focus on more complex activities. It accelerates response times, handles routine inquiries, and provides instant responses, increasing productivity and optimizing resource allocation.
  3. Consistency across channels: Enlighten Copilot ensures consistency across various communication channels, such as phone, email, chat, and social media. It maintains context and continuity, providing consistent responses and information to customers regardless of the channel they use. This streamlines the customer journey and creates a cohesive experience.
  4. Proactive intelligent decision support: Enlighten Copilot leverages AI-powered analytics and machine learning algorithms to proactively offer real-time insights and recommendations to customer service agents, including customer sentiment and agent soft-skill improvements. It suggests relevant solutions based on historical data and customer preferences, enabling informed decision-making and faster problem resolution.
  5. Continuous improvement: Enlighten Copilot learns from successful and unsuccessful interactions to refine its performance. It analyzes patterns, customer feedback, and agent behavior to identify areas for improvement. This learning process enhances the system over time and provides valuable insights to customer service agents.

But the true power of Copilot makes it stand out from other CX solutions:

  1. Collaborative real-time problem-solving: Copilot utilizes interaction events and metadata to form a neural net, leveraging AI models to identify routine occurrences and create order within the data. This collaborative approach allows businesses and agents to harness the power of AI models and data intelligence to solve customer problems in real time, enabling the creation of repeatable and identifiable functions.
  2. Improved customer experience: Enlighten Copilot utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to understand and interpret customer inquiries accurately. It provides relevant and personalized responses, addressing customer concerns promptly. This enhances the overall customer experience, increasing satisfaction, loyalty, and positive brand perception.
  3. Scalability and cost efficiency: Enlighten Copilot offers scalability, allowing businesses to handle increasing customer volumes without requiring additional human resources. It can handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously, reducing the need for extra staffing during peak periods. This improves customer service capabilities and offers cost efficiency.
  4. Unified application suite: Enlighten Copilot can be deployed on its own, but offers multiple inherent advantages when paired with the NICE CXone cloud CX platform, combining more than 45 essential CX applications into a single interface. This eliminates switching between multiple systems, promoting efficiency and faster resolutions. It also reduces training time for agents as they only need to learn one software.
  5. Data-driven insights: Enlighten Copilot generates valuable data and analytics on customer interactions, agent performance, and customer sentiment. This data can be leveraged to identify trends, gain actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions. It helps organizations understand customer preferences and refine their customer service strategies for continuous improvement.

While on vacation, Lisa calls the OneTravel customer service line because her travel bag was damaged during transit, and Daniel, the customer service agent, answers her call. After he accepts the video call, Copilot immediately gives him a simple summary of the context of the customer’s situation up to that point.

Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot - Agent using Enlighten Copilot

Enlighten Copilot provides Daniel with a detailed list of information, including customer intent, history, sentiment, and more. Copilot also tells him that this is a damaged luggage claim and provides him with the necessary solutions and behavioral guidance tips to ensure the customer doesn’t get frustrated.

Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot - Agent using Enlighten Copilot

Copilot proactively suggests that Daniel fill out a reimbursement claim form, already pre-filled with those fields Copilot could derive from current internal systems. Daniel completes the remaining fields with help from Lisa and Copilot submits the claim for processing. Copilot then suggests a knowledge article surrounding claims that can be sent to Lisa proactively, in case she has any questions.

Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot - Agent using Enlighten Copilot

Copilot summarizes the call as the interaction concludes and automates a follow-up customer communication to be sent to Lisa by SMS at a later time.

Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot - Agent using Enlighten Copilot

As Daniel hangs up the phone, he is alerted of another service request, this one coming through the OneTravel app messaging center. Jason, the customer, is reaching out because he and his family have arrived at the hotel, but much to their frustration, their reservation is not found. Daniel is quickly alerted by Copilot that Jason is exhibiting behavior that indicates strong frustration and needs to proceed with empathy to help calm him down.

Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot - Agent using Enlighten Copilot

Daniel asks a question, to which Jason responds with anger and contempt. Daniel’s manager, Ashley, is alerted by Copilot of this interaction that is getting progressively worse and steps in to provide real-time coaching.

Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot - Agent using Enlighten Copilot

Thanks to Copilot’s real-time interaction guidance, Ashley also sees that Daniel has failed to demonstrate ownership of this situation and show more empathy. She messages Daniel and asks him to show more understanding to the situation, as he evaluates the problem from his end to resolve the customer’s reservation issue.

Daniel, with this help from his manager and Copilot, confirms the location of Jason and realizes that the taxi took them to the wrong hotel. Daniel passes this information along to Jason and informs him that a change will be made to get them a reservation at this hotel.

Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot - Agent using Enlighten Copilot

Copilot can then automate the process of canceling the existing reservation and booking a new room for Jason and his family, asking Daniel to confirm this change without leaving his unified agent workspace.

Every employee deserves an awesome companion: Meet Enlighten Copilot - Agent using Enlighten Copilot

Empower customer service agents with proactive AI

As the business landscape evolves, leveraging AI solutions is crucial for organizations seeking to provide exceptional customer experiences. By embracing AI-powered tools that combine proactive conversational AI with trusted company information, businesses empower their customer service agents with enhanced efficiency, knowledge, and decision support, leading to greater success and fulfillment in their roles. Through seamless omnichannel support and the cultivation of emotional intelligence, agents can elevate their interactions, create meaningful connections, and deliver outstanding customer service.

Agents are the unsung heroes of the business world. But for every great hero, there is a loyal companion. So, give them the companion that never sleeps, constantly learns and improves, and will be forever faithful. Give them Enlighten Copilot.

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