Break free from the customer service merry-go-round: Introducing Enlighten Autopilot

Break free from the customer service merry-go-round: Introducing Enlighten Autopilot

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in an endless cycle of impersonal customer service interactions? The repetitive, automated digital chatbots and “helpful” virtual agents leave us craving a true human connection. Unfortunately, the current state of customer interactions with companies often falls short, leaving us feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. But what if there was a way to escape this monotonous cycle and usher in a new era of customer engagement?

Whether we initiate contact or receive outreach from a brand, interactions need to be convenient and seamless. We want our experiences to be customized to our unique needs without any unnecessary repetition. Like our personal relationships, our interactions with companies should be intuitive, connected, and one-of-a-kind. The consumer journey should be continuous and asynchronous rather than a series of disjointed phone calls or chat sessions.

Imagine stepping off that exhausting merry-go-round and entering a world where automated conversations are efficient and enjoyable. Envision a virtual assistant replicating the experience of speaking with the company's best agent - a proactive, humanized, conversational, and friendly companion you can rely on. This virtual assistant should perfectly embody the company's brand and goals, providing every customer with a personalized and seamless experience.

That’s where Enlighten Autopilot comes in.

What is Enlighten Autopilot

Enlighten Autopilot is designed to cater to the needs of consumers, using friendly, informed, AI-driven conversations to act as the company’s most trusted and valued virtual service employee. Autopilot creates customized digital experiences when and where consumers need them. This new conversational AI approach uses trusted company knowledge to align every response with brand and business goals when consumers engage with self-service or AI-designed virtual agents.

Consumers can benefit from smarter self-service options that use AI technology to provide fully conversational responses that understand context and intent. This leads to faster and more effective service. For brands, this means fewer repetitive tasks requiring an employee to resolve, freeing more time to focus on higher-touch, more valuable human-led experiences. With Autopilot, consumers can access the same data, journey context, and preferences, regardless of how they initially engage with the brand.

What's truly remarkable about Enlighten Autopilot is its ability to create consumer experiences as effective as those created by your best agents. Autopilot uses self-service AI models to identify and automate the most frequently occurring interaction types, constantly improving and iterating based on the most effective resolutions and the highest customer sentiment. It understands customer intents and the variety of complex ways in which those intents are expressed to deliver optimal responses and flows, mirroring the actions of your best-performing agents. With Autopilot, consumers can enjoy a personalized and seamless experience with their favorite brands that feels human, informed and addresses their needs in the best possible way.

The Autopilot difference

In today's business landscape, customers expect a personalized and effective self-service experience across all channels. That's where Autopilot comes in. This powerful AI-powered assistant is designed to help businesses connect with their customers in a proactive way, interact with them using friendly conversational AI prompts and ensure responses are trusted, secure and align with company goals. Autopilot differentiators include:

Customer connections on any channel: Autopilot's ability to connect with customers on any channel ensures they receive the same high-quality, personalized service regardless of how they first engage with your business. Whether through digital channels like web search, email or social media, or channels like phone or chat, Autopilot is equipped to meet your customers where they are and provide them with the assistance they need. This means your customers will always feel heard and valued, and your business will benefit from increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Conversational interactions you can trust: Autopilot's generative AI technology constantly evolves to ensure it can effectively communicate and understand human conversations. Autopilot enables customers to use simple conversational prompts to find the information they need to answer their questions or resolve their issues. It uses AI-driven algorithms to deliver the most accurate responses, based on its understanding of the entire vetted company knowledge base, ensuring the right, most precise and secure answers are being provided to the customer on every interaction.

Connected data journeys: Autopilot's ability to analyze customer data and behavior patterns can help businesses identify areas for improvement and optimize their customer service strategies. By leveraging the power of AI, Autopilot can provide personalized recommendations and insights that can help businesses better understand their customers and meet their needs. This can ultimately lead to increased customer loyalty and higher revenue for the company.

Seamless journey connections: Whether the conversation stays within a single channel or bounces around numerous channels, Autopilot can keep track of it all. This ensures that customer interactions are frictionless, so they can conveniently communicate with your business. Plus, because Autopilot maintains a single conversation across all channels, customers never have to repeat themselves or feel like they're starting over. This helps build trust and loyalty, as customers feel your business truly values their time and effort.

Unified application suite: Enlighten Autopilot can be deployed on its own, but offers multiple inherent advantages when paired with the NICE CXone cloud CX platform, combining more than 45 essential CX applications. Regardless of the consumer need, Autopilot has the complete set of CX tools to understand, take action and resolve most customer service requests. This promotes greater efficiency leading to faster resolutions and deeper customer loyalty.

Autopilot in Action

Lisa is a OneTravel rewards member. While multi-tasking, she calls to extend by one day a pre-booked trip. She is greeted by an intelligent virtual agent, powered by Enlighten Autopilot, who recognizes Lisa from the saved number and quickly completes the request to add a day to the hotel reservation, as well as change her departure flight.

Autopilot in Action image 1

Autopilot informs Lisa that these changes will cost her a total of $530. Lisa then asks whether she can use points to complete this transaction. Autopilot then informs Lisa that it will be 5,000 points and reminds her she has 563,000 accrued reward points. Lisa confirms that using points is her payment preference, and Autopilot confirms the travel changes and sends a follow-up email to Lisa for verification.

Autopilot in Action image 2

Let’s take a close look to better understand the revolutionary ways in which Enlighten Autopilot enhanced this interaction.

Human-level comprehension: Autopilot is based on the latest advancements in large language models (LLM) and generative AI technologies, creating a complete and humanized conversational experience that surpasses basic automation capabilities by mimicking human understanding and response. Autopilot not only comprehends customer inquiries at a human level but also responds in a way that resembles natural human conversation. Autopilot's ability to understand the subtleties of customer queries allows for personalized and contextually relevant responses, leading to a more engaging customer experience that feels natural and drives better resolution.

Autopilot in Action image 3

Robust integrations: With its vast integration library, Autopilot can access Lisa's account and utilize her itinerary points balance, faster and more accurately than a human agent would. The impressive integration capabilities of Autopilot enable it to obtain the whole range of customer account information smoothly and use it to enhance interactions. By tapping into Lisa's account, Autopilot can view her itinerary and points balance, and offer proactive assistance with flight bookings, upgrades, or any other related queries, making smarter decisions than a human agent would. This powerful integration guarantees that Autopilot optimizes customer data, giving precise and personalized recommendations and solutions.

Autopilot in Action image 4

Context switching: Autopilot is an advanced conversational AI solution that can swiftly adapt to the customer's evolving needs during the conversation by switching context, easily recognizing when a customer is transitioning from one intent to another. For instance, Lisa started the conversation with a request to add a day to her reservation, but then moved on to a different intent of paying for this change using points. Autopilot smoothly transitions the discussion to cater to her preference. This remarkable ability to understand and adapt to changing contexts allows Autopilot to provide a personalized and seamless humanized experience.

Autopilot in Action image 5

Back jumping: Autopilot is designed to be just as seamless as a human agent, in its ability to pick up where it left off, using new information to move the conversation forward. It also can refer back to previous conversations, just like a human agent would. If a conversation requires revisiting previous topics or information, Autopilot can easily do so while maintaining continuity in the conversation. This allows Autopilot to provide accurate and up-to-date assistance to the customer, based on any new information gathered during the interaction.

Autopilot in Action image 6

Give consumers a personalized and seamless experience

The true marvel of Enlighten Autopilot lies in its ability to create consumer experiences that rival those delivered by the best human agents. By leveraging self-service AI models, Autopilot identifies and automates the most common interaction types, constantly learning and iterating based on the most effective resolutions and highest customer sentiment. It comprehends the intricacies of consumer intents and delivers optimal responses and flows, mirroring the actions of top-performing agents. And it delivers the most accurate responses, based on its understanding of the entire vetted company knowledge base, ensuring the right, most precise and secure answers are being provided. With Autopilot, consumers enjoy a personalized and seamless experience, forging an unbreakable bond with their favorite brands.

Enlighten Autopilot revolutionizes the self-service landscape by offering revolutionary, personalized consumer experiences. By blending AI technology, human-like comprehension, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, Autopilot propels brands toward the pinnacle of CX excellence. It paves the way for a future where every customer journey is elevated, every interaction is effortless, and every customer feels like they are having a conversation with your best customer service agent.

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