Digital First Omnichannel

7 Steps to Deliver Digital-first Omnichannel Experiences

The research is clear, younger consumers have a high preference for interacting with companies using digital channels.  In fact, 90% of Generation Z and 84% of Millennials state this as their preference.  The result is that the call center is quickly become a contact center and your call center software and operations needs to adapt as well.

In this video, part of our Transforming Customer Experiences series, I discuss the emerging trends and what it means for the contact center.  Most companies are slow to adapt, at best only supporting email and chat as digital channels.  What’s needed is to support second generation digital channels to meet customers where they want to engage your company.

I will detail seven critical steps companies must take to be a leader in supporting digital-first omnichannel interactions within the contact center.

After watching the video, watch our on-demand webinar to learn more: Digital-first Customer Service: The Future is Here Today