Why (and how) to say goodbye to manual notetaking forever


Agents and customers are frustrated. Why? Agents don’t like having to type up notes for every interaction – it’s tedious and time-consuming. And customers don’t appreciate being placed on hold when agents type notes during their call. This is why a growing number of contact centers are turning to AI-powered solutions to automate the notetaking process with greater accuracy, making costly, manual agent summaries a thing of the past.

Enlighten AutoSummary delivers measurable ROI, including:

  • $11.5 million in savings
    (by eliminating one minute of after-call work notetaking for a contact center with 500 agents handling 18,000 calls interactions per year)
  • 3.7x higher customer satisfaction score
    (thanks to shorter interaction times and less dead air due to good notetaking)

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Enlighten AutoSummary – AI for CX

Enlighten AutoSummary automates agent notetaking with the power of generative AI to reduce costs, boost productivity and elevate CX.. Discover top solutions with NICE.

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