The CX Commute vs. the CX Joy Ride


We’ve all been stuck in traffic, whether commuting to or from work, or going to the beach during which those highways seem to shrink! Commuting—in a word—stinks. On the flip side, we’ve all been on a drive that we’ve enjoyed. Perhaps riding in a convertible through the mountains or even on the sands of the beach (once we’ve gotten off the tiny roads to it!) The point is that the action is the same. We are traveling in both scenarios, but it’s what happens during the trip that makes the difference between fond memories and unpleasant moments.

The same is true for customer journeys. Don’t make your customers “commute” when engaging with your brand. Instead, make the trip something to remember. Watch NICE CXone’s Brian Mistretta talk about the customer journey, why businesses struggle with creating a meaningful one, and what opportunities there are to take the headache out of the CX commute and turn it into a delightful excursion.

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CMS Wire: The CX Commute vs. the CX Joy Ride

Customer expectations have changed considerably. Delivering great customer experiences (CX) now means understanding the increasingly complex journey, meeting customers everywhere they are, and addressing problems as they arise or even earlier.

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