“Saying” vs “Doing” When It Comes to Valuing Your Employees


Employees know the difference between organizations that say they value workers and those that really do. Learn how your contact center can adopt new best practices to show agents they truly matter.

Join our industry expert when she shares how to improve agent experience (and retention) by:

  • Delivering meaningful coaching and feedback 
  • Engaging agents and showing you care 
  • Inspiring and rewarding agents 
  • Increasing employee productivity

CX best practices: Smart self-service

Listen in as other industry professionals discuss the best practices that helped them overcome real-life CX challenges. Starting with smart self-service and the role it played in improving the experiences of customers and agents alike. Learn how your contact center can become the company and employer of choice by greatly reducing customer churn and agent turnover.

White Papers

The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement and Empowerment (ContactBabel)

High agent turnover isn’t just a thorn in the sides of contact center leaders—because agents don’t start a job hoping for a poor experience.