You Asked: How can AI help me to put my bot in touch with reality?


Bots are a hot topic as organizations continue to explore new ways to leverage automation and improve customer experience. However, many bots still struggle to provide truly personalized and human-like interactions that reflect customers’ needs, leading to customer frustration and increasing service costs for organizations—in short, they are out of touch with customers’ needs.

With all the benefits of AI and machine learning, including greater efficiency, cost savings, and personalization, it’s no surprise that 59% of business leaders are placing high importance on AI to advance their digital strategy in the next 18 months, according to Omdia principal analyst, Mila D’Antonio.

NICE Enlighten XO is a revolutionary solution that leverages AI to enhance bots to bring them in touch with reality, making it effortless to find the specific data to build bots that maximize effectiveness in workflows and anticipate customer needs.

Join Mila and Michele in this webinar to learn about the latest key features to look for in using AI to improve CX for contact center leaders, digital teams, and bot developers.

We’ll cover:

  • The challenges of creating effective bot interactions
  • The role of AI in providing next-level self-service for organizations
  • Why digital strategies will define organizations’ bottom-line success
  • How NICE Enlighten XO uses AI to analyze customer behavior and interaction data
  • Benefits of using Enlighten XO—including decreased costs and improved CX