Serving citizens means understanding their needs

Citizens, like most consumers, expect next-level support and convenience on the service channels they use and prefer. Understanding the constraints affecting agents' ability to serve citizens effectively and your own contact center limitations can allow you to address citizen pain-points while proactively solving for agent needs.

NICE CXone helps you anticipate the needs and expectations of your citizens and agents while overcoming your contact center limitations.

Build CX momentum to leave citizen pain points in the dust.
Your citizens expect a seamless, easy CX journey that leads to quick answers. Don’t lose momentum by making them suffer through long waits on hold, repeating information, or lack of proactive self-service options.

Our eBook, “Maintaining Contact Center Momentum,” helps you deliver exceptional citizen service and increase agent job satisfaction. Learn about three momentum-building keys that resolve citizen pain points from the eBook:
Intelligent self-service

Intelligent self-service, chatbots and interactive forms let citizens find information and complete routine transactions digitally.

Faster issue resolution

AI and knowledge management tools help automate processes and give quick access to subject matter content, which can boost agent productivity by resolving issues faster.

Greater data insights

Built-in data analytics capabilities provides better citizen experience across all channels by allowing for improved forecasted call volume and agent scheduling.

Citizen service needs are growing. Can your contact center meet those needs?
Government contact centers need to treat citizens and employees how they expect to be treated, but antiquated systems and processes often bog them down. Check out our case studies to see how NICE CXone paired with state and local governments to maximize efficiency, save money, and empower agents to serve and delight citizens.
State of Georgia

“If you’re looking for a true partner, I recommend NICE CXone. Your success is their success. Whatever you need, they’ll work with you to achieve it.” The Georgia Motor Vehicles Division wanted to improve customer service, and NICE CXone made the transformation possible.         

Auckland Council

“CXone enhances the customer and agent experience through better visibility and functionality for the agent and putting the customer in control of their experience.” The Auckland Council knows the power behind CXone and the change it brings to government contact centers.

State of Michigan

“It took us less than one day to increase capacity with NICE CXone’s technology. Using our old on-premises platform, it would have taken us months to increase capacity to meet the demand.” Find out how to build momentum on day one.                                                                                                   

Empower agents to provide exceptional service to citizens.
Attracting and retaining agents who can understand the intricacies of a highly complicated government ecosystem, effectively assist the citizens, and remain loyal can be challenging. This eBook, “Leading the Government Evolution Around Citizen Experience”, showcases what it takes to create frictionless interactions while addressing agent pain points and how to effectively relieve them by:
Removing simple tasks

Automating routine tasks allows contact center agents to focus on more complex and personalized issues.

Unifying your systems

Give agents a 360-degree view without needing multiple databases to access information and make the right decisions.

Eliminating inefficiencies

Empower agents to do their jobs more effectively, and citizens to get answers quicker, while building trust.

Hear expert insights for your contact center.
Successfully navigating the CX landscape has never been more important. NICE CXone experts provide insights to help you avoid pitfalls and deliver what citizens are asking for.
Webinar: Contact Center Transformation: It’s Time to Deliver a Better Experience

Long lines, extended wait times, and drawn-out processes are unacceptable to today’s citizens. This webinar details how government contact centers must step up to the plate to deliver experiences that exceed expectations.

Give Constituents What They Want: Instant Gratification

Whether paying a power bill, booking a pavilion at a park, or renewing a license at the DMV, citizens demand service that fulfills their needs quickly and with minimal work.

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