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Our flexible packages allow you to customize NICE CXone pricing to your unique business needs. Get everything you need to delight customers and scale operations with our all-in-one CCaaS platform.



Digital Agent

$71 / month*

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Digital first package supports 30+ digital channels

  • Common data sets and models​
  • Unified administration and user interface​
  • Digital Agent routing for 30+ channels​
  • Dedicated agent and supervisor workspace​
  • Prebuilt data visualization dashboard and reports​
  • Digital recording and storage

Voice Agent

$94 / month*

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Support voice calls for live agents and self-service

  • CXone multi-tenant cloud, open platform, common data sets and models​
  • Unified administration and user interface​
  • Universal queue with concurrent interaction handling​
  • Dedicated agent and supervisor workspace​
  • Self-Service via voice IVR with no-code configuration​
  • Prebuilt and customizable cross-domain dashboards and reports
  • Voice recording and storage

Omnichannel Agent

$110 / month*

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Get true omnichannel with blended digital and voice

  • Omnichannel blended routing for digital and voice​
  • Universal queue with concurrent interaction handling​
  • Voice and digital capture, storage, search and playback​
  • Dedicated agent and supervisor workspace​
  • Voice and digital prebuilt data visualization dashboards and reports​

Orchestration, Optimization and Analytics

Essential Suite

$135 / month*

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Empower agents with Quality Management

  • Includes Omnichannel Agent package, plus: ​
  • Screen recording for agent desktop for both voice and digital interactions​
  • Quality Management workflows, including rich evaluation options, automated interactions distribution, coaching, calibrations, appeals and self-assessment. ​
  • Dedicated supervisor workspace enabling omnichannel real-time monitoring and streamlined workflows for managing agents​
  • Prebuilt and customizable cross-domain dashboards and reports​

Core Suite

$169 / month*

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Optimize efficiency and engagement with WFM and Performance reporting

  • Includes Essential Suite, plus: ​
  • Omnichannel AI forecasting and scheduling​
  • Agent mobile scheduling app with auto approvals​
  • Adherence and time utilization insights​
  • Enhanced performance visualization and insights​
  • 360 view of the agent KPIs, metrics and trends

Complete Suite

$209 / month*

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Improve CX with the complete suite including Analytics & VOC

  • Includes Core suite, plus: ​
  • Identify trends and root causes using AI-driven omnichannel analytics across 100% of voice, text, and digital interactions​
  • Analyze, measure and quickly uncover insights with prebuilt categories, entities, and sentiment analytics​
  • Take immediate action and drive improvements in CX with out-of-the-box dashboards and in-depth reporting​
  • Contextual and conversational customer feedback​
  • Capture Voice of the Customer as part of IVR and quality workflows

*Prices listed as per-agent per-month.

CXone Mpower
The Ultimate CX AI Offering

Augment, Automate, and Optimize

Accelerate innovation with the full convergence power of the industry-leading CXone platform and Enlighten, the smartest AI purpose-built for CX.

CXone Mpower

$249 / month*

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Our Complete Suite with Every Enlighten Solution

  • Enlighten Copilot augments employees with real-time recommendations, contextual knowledge, and auto-summarization.​
  • Enlighten Autopilot automates interactions with trusted company knowledge and conversational flows trained on your top agents.​
  • Enlighten for CSAT improves sentiment before, during, and after every interaction with AI Routing, AI-driven behavioral insights, automated quality, and more!​
  • Enlighten Copilot and Autopilot are $0.25 per session, which includes unlimited conversations within 24 hours.​

Add-on to your package with our selection of a-la-carte services.

CXone Expert

Your customer's journey begins with a search. Meet them there and ensure they receive the right content, wherever they are.

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CXone Guide

Remove friction along your customer's digital journey by proactively delivering the right guidance at the right time.

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Enlighten Autopilot

Create customized self - service with trusted company knowledge to align every response with brand and business goals.

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Enlighten Copilot

Empower agents and supervisors to drive skilled labor, productivity, satisfaction, and engagement more than ever before.

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Proactive Dialer

Generate more revenue, minimize hang-ups, proactively connect to reduce friction in the customer experience.

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Enlighten Al Routing

Optimize call routing with Al that pulls from all available data to perfect connections and improve business results.

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Achieve it all with NICE.
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CXone Mpower

Complete Suite plus:

Every Enlighten Solution

Purpose-built AI for CX that drives business results

  • Virtual Agent for digital and voice
  • Real-time Agent Assistance
  • AI-powered insights and automation

All of Our Latest AI Innovations

Inject contextual insights across
the customer journey

  • Continuous CX memory
  • Contextual insights
  • 360-degree customer views
  • Adaptive personalization

Complete Suite

Core Suite plus:

Interaction Analytics

Omnichannel AI and analytics on every interaction

  • Identify trends and root causes
  • Analyze CSAT with AI sentiment analysis
  • Pre-built categories, BI dashboards & reports

Feedback Management

VoC embedded natively in IVR and quality workflows

  • Hassle-free IVR integration & call recordings
  • CSAT score in QM & PM
  • Feedback from any voice or digital channel

Core Suite

Essential Suite plus:

Workforce Management

Patented omnichannel forecasting, free mobile app and schedule automation

  • Patented forecasting & schedule simulation
  • Mobile app & auto approval - no extra cost
  • Adherence and Time Utilization insights

Performance Management

Tighter WEM integration and Omnichannel near real-time insights

  • Near real-time ACD & Digital platform dashboards
  • Wallboards
  • WEM OOTB integrations (QM, WFM, Feedback Management and more)

Essential Suite

Omnichannel Agent Package plus:


Omnichannel capture, search and playback

  • Omnichannel free text search
  • Screen capture for voice & digital
  • Elevation and omni session playback

Quality Management

End to end QM flows: evaluations, coaching and self-assessment, calibrations and appeals

  • Rich evaluation form design options
  • Automated sampling and interaction distribution
  • Offline interactions evaluation
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