Optimize your work, cut out the middleman.
Amplify your CX insights

Receive conversational answers to your questions with data driven insights into your business and CX benchmarks.

Drive resolution with data visualization

Get responses to questions in the format you need, to help improve the comprehension and use of data.

Build highly effective and impactful automation

Execute your plan with a touch of a button, accelerating time to value.

Achieve optimal outcomes with an actionable plan.
Leverage specialized AI models for CX, the latest generative AI models, and advanced applications within CXone to gain faster access to data and analytics. Pinpoint the best opportunities for automation. Understand how business goals are met with insights. Find the best next steps to achieve superior outcomes, faster.
Realize business goals faster.

Revolutionize your business’s interactions with CX data and operations. See how.

Watch Video
Seizing the CX Moment.
Learn how Enlighten Actions accelerates decision velocity, enhances operational efficiency, fosters innovation, and drives sustainable growth.
knowledge management
Identify automation opportunities and streamline work.
Enlighten Actions unique capabilities enable you to gauge you levels of service against industry standards and develop actionable plans to achieve your business objectives quickly.
Act on data faster
Better engage, predict and take actions to improve agent empowerment, consumer experiences, and operational excellence.
Real-time actionable insights
Accelerate the speed at which CX leaders can act based on data to make sure business goals are being met.
Conversational data
Improve your assisted and self-service channels using a conversational intelligent interface to understand data faster.
Scalable delivery
Effortlessly and rapidly implement recommendations using out-of-the-box AI models.
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