​​​NICE Uptivity Performance Management
for Mid-Market Contact Centers​

​​​​​​​​​​​Consolidated view for greater visibility and accountability

Is your contact center firing on all cylinders? Do you have an effective system in place for tracking and enforcing accountability? Is customer satisfaction consistently high?

To know the answers and how to adapt your operations accordingly, you need reliable, real-time performance analytics presented in a complete, relevant view. NICE Uptivity Performance Management provides contact centers with a customizable dashboard of all key performance metrics (KPIs) consolidated from multiple existing ACD sources, including Avaya, Cisco and others.

The result is a clear, complete picture of what's really happening in your center — from an individual agent's average handle time to team call volume trends and all points in between — whether you have 25 or 500 agents.

Deliver a consistently great customer experience

Performance Management tools empower you to measure and manage your operational performance with confidence. Performance Management breaks down common barriers around accessing, exploring, analyzing, and sharing business intelligence data within the contact center.

With a more complete, on-demand view of key metrics, you can act in real-time to remedy performance issues as they happen. Through desktop tickers, consolidated Performance Management reporting, and customizable dashboards, you're empowered with the real-time data you need and to stay informed and ready to respond to situations as they arise.

Our modular Performance Management suite of solutions provide flexible, easy-to use tools for viewing, reporting and benchmarking your team's activity and effectiveness.

Real-Time Tickers

  • Measure and share real-time performance updates on the agent's desktop
  • Tickers provide visibility and encourage greater accountability among agents
  • Full screen tickers deployed as contact center wallboards
  • Customize the data featured according to the needs of your users and organization


  • Web-based dashboard within the portal provide management teams with insight into performance KPIs from across your entire customer contact operation--even from a mobile device
  • Our customizable, easy-to-use dashboard features a wizard for creating your own in minutes
  • Track call center performance metrics and trends in near real-time, so you can take timely action to resolve issues or report status to leadership


  • Balanced scorecards empower you to calculate overall performance scores for your agents and groups using a customizable set of KPIs and weighting
  • Advanced functionality lets you customize scorecards using the wizard and share them via the dashboard for ongoing measurement and monitoring

ACD Reporting

  • Reports designed to empower better decision-making for contact center supervisors and managers, not telephony administrators
  • Define custom groupings of queues to view data summarized according to your business needs
  • View agent data summarized using your organizational structure (teams, groups, departments) with drill-down to data for individual agents
  • A library of standard reports comes included, along with the ability to create and share custom data views based on your own business structure and guidelines
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with popular ACD platforms, including Avaya and Cisco​​​