Engage at Fiserv

​“With great power comes great responsibility.”

The responsibility is even greater when you are a Fortune 500 company processing 14 million calls per year like Fiserv, and your contact center is expanding as rapidly as new privacy and security requirements are appearing. How did Fiserv, a global financial services leader providing payments, processes, risk and compliance services to their customers, face the new challenges introduced in 2018 by the revised Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards – PCI DSS?

Why Engage Recording?

When selecting a new recording platform, the Fiserv team went with the obvious! As long time NICE customers, they were using NICE Interaction Management recording, which was in a sunset process, and could not assure their PCI compliance under the revised standards.

Engage was clearly a natural choice. Not only because Fiserv had a long-standing relationship with the support and installation teams at NICE, but also for its PCI certification, real-time capabilities and unlimited scalability.

Engage is PCI certified

Indeed, Engage is the only market leading recording platform that is PCI certified by a third party. It uses multi-factor authentication, TLS 1.2 support, and end to end media encryption. It also powers advanced application for compliance, such as the Compliance Center.

Needless to say, with Engage, Fiserv passed their annual PCI certification audit with flying colors!

A rapid installation for a successful audit!

The team had a 10-week deadline to upgrade their entire recording system. The NICE and Fiserv teams worked tightly together and produced the fastest results that could be expected, with maximum business continuity. Moreover, the rapid pace did not negatively impact the implementation, with NICE ensuring a cohesive build of the Fiserv configurations and easily managed integrations.

For the Fiserv employees, the experience went smoothly despite the very tight deadline. NICE Engage, as an omnichannel real-time platform, immediately met Fiserv’s requirements for scalability and compliance.

In today’s dynamic environment, every leading contact center has great responsibility: whether it is for scale, resiliency or compliance. Here at NICE, we make sure to empower them with dedicated solutions that constantly innovate. Whether you are a superhero or not.

To learn more about Fiserv’s upgrade join us for a Nice User Group webinar, or join us at Interactions to hear their full story!