How empowering customers empowers and retains agents


Many companies are struggling with issues brought on by the “Big Quit.” It’s a trend that began in 2021 and continues as record numbers of employees resign from their jobs. Contact centers are not exempt from these challenges, considering that 74% of their agents are at risk for burnout.

Learn what other organizations are doing to retain their onsite and remote agents, including:

  • Empower customers with self-service options so they can resolve simple issues themselves—and get the instant gratification they want
  • Provide agents with the tools they need to solve complex issues—quickly and efficiently
  • Empower, engage, and train agents so they’re not lost to the “Big Quit”
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Get the rundown on knowledge management with Knowledge Rocks

Instant gratification means getting what you need when you need it. For customers needing support, that means proactively providing answers to their issues—24/7, on the channels they prefer. No spinning wheels, no long wait times, no third-party how-tos on YouTube.

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