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Enterprise Workforce Optimization/Workforce Engagement Management Product and Market Report Reprint 2022/2023


Enterprises strive to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience to establish strong relationships with their customers and cultivate their loyalty. WFO/WEM help meet this goal by capturing and providing the insights, analytics, and automation that brands need to build and maintain outstanding relationships with customers and their employees. A major challenge in reaching this goal is the constantly evolving expectations of customers and employees. Companies need a flexible servicing infrastructure that adapts as quickly as their customers.

This is where AI comes in. AI technologies harness real-time capabilities that enable enterprises to deliver the responsive and fluid servicing experience that each customer expects. The game changer is the ability to give agents or self-service solutions the customized answers and context-based information that enable them to meet and exceed the expectations of each individual who reaches out to their organization.

The need for WFO/WEM suites and applications is growing throughout enterprises due to the increasing complexity of contact centers and other front-and back-office operations. These solutions are critical because they provide timely and actionable insights into customer and employee experiences and engagement and deliver real-time guidance to front-line workers. However, as times change, so must these applications. The cloud and AI are the driving forces behind most of the innovation occurring in this market, including enhancements that will improve WFO/WEM usability and effectiveness and position companies to deliver a great CX.

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