CX Styles of the Data Rich and Famous: How Organizations are Differentiating on Digital with AI

The CX world is changing fast. A new breed of ‘data rich’ and famous brands are cropping up across all industries around the world. Those firms blaze new trails by masterfully leveraging millions of data points to deliver top-notch customer experiences. As a result, the gap between the ‘data haves’ and ‘have nots’ is widening fast. Organizations that recognize how to use data to deliver extraordinary customer experiences rapidly join the ranks of the ‘data rich’ and famous while those that fall behind quickly wane in CX results and reputation. Frictionless digital experiences are the pride of today’s CX leaders. What’s their secret? Aberdeen’s research will highlight how the ‘data rich’ and famous use smart self-service to skyrocket their CX success and, ultimately business profitability.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What’s causing the data divide
  • What differentiates “data rich” companies from the pack
  • How smart CX leaders are using data to improve self-service
  • Why AI-driven self-service makes a meaningful impact on digital CX and the bottom-line