CX Soars to the Next Level with AI-Driven Self-Service


Companies leading the way on self-service CX have recognized two critical needs: The first is to integrate self-service across channels, and the second is to optimize their use of intelligent virtual assistants, or IVAs, to improve non-transactional interactions. Done well, the result is a virtuous cycle in which conversational data improves every aspect of digital interactions, making self-service ever-more capable of handling more complex customer requests. Too often, however, digital channels lose their luster when they are unable to gather, learn, and apply data to improve CX, leaving questions unanswered and development teams at a loss.

In this webinar:

  • Get the status of the adoption of self-service technology and pain points based on Metrigy’s latest research
  • Discover how businesses are gaining value with IVAs guided by conversational data
  • Learn why self-service integration is increasingly important for next-level CX
  • Gain insight on how to leverage data-driven automation to enable continuous learning