New generation Automation Design.
Ease of use
Easily build robust attended and unattended automations within a single design environment, supporting a wide range of technical proficiencies.
Get a head start
Leverage modern design standards, a slick interface and a state-of-the-art callout editor for the development of attended automations and guidance flows.
Stay up to speed
Get the latest product updates directly from the cloud, as new features are instantly accessible as they are released.
Start building world class process automations.
Watch this video to learn how to build automation use cases using workflows in Automation Studio.
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Scale up automation.

Automation Studio speeds up automation development and deployment by empowering business and technical users to independently create automations that unlock business value. It brings the flexibility, openness and stability the technical team demands, and speeds to value for business users.

Automation Studio is a next-generation, cloud-based environment for developing robust attended and unattended process automations with ease. The clean, user friendly interface enables citizen developers to create their own automation use cases.

Introducing Automation Studio.
Learn about our new generation automation design platform and start scaling your automation today.
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“NICE Robotic Automation is a really user-friendly and easy-to-use tool. It allows you to save a lot of effort spent on repetitive tasks by automating them. The drag and drop features offered by this product are very useful.”
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Taking you from design to production in a heartbeat.
From Automation Discovery to development in one click
With a click of a button in Automation Finder, your automation flow is generated automatically inside Automation Studio, giving you a head-start.
Automation Design made easy
An intuitive and easy to use interface simplifies and shortens development time, resulting in faster time to production.
Specialized tools for building attended bots
A unique callout editor allows the creation of highly customizable callouts (leveraging HTML5 and CSS 3).
Maximizing robustness and security
With an embedded native debugger and built-in automatic testing, a layered development approach, and a way to save all data locally, maintainability and security are maximized.
A unique connectivity approach
Capture screen elements and connect into any desktop application – new or legacy.
Get educated at your own pace
Get started with our free trial, continue by learning the ins and outs and getting certified through our developer resources, and become part of our lively automation community.
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