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Customers expect more from businesses in the era of digital self-service. Providing frictionless support across all digital messaging channels is now table stakes. Success means eliminating frustration by being everywhere your customers are, whenever they reach out, on any platform.

NICE makes it possible to deliver digital customer experiences that surprise and delight with AI-powered conversational intelligence and smart self-service solutions.

Why digital-first matters:

Businesses must evolve as consumers overwhelmingly choose a digital-first customer experience.

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Build stronger, better connections with your customers

In the current digital landscape, there’s a significant divide between customer expectations and business perceptions. However, with AI-powered smart self-service, businesses have the power to close the gap.

Build stronger, better connections with your customers
Customers don’t give businesses as much leeway as they think
Customers don’t give businesses as much leeway as they think
Businesses believe only 34% of customers will abandon a brand after one to two negative customer experience interactions. The stark reality is that 57% of customers said they will abandon brands in those circumstances.
Frequently, the customer service journey starts with search
Frequently, the customer service journey starts with search
Only 15% of businesses believe that the digital customer service journey starts with search. However, nearly half of customers always begin with search engines, demonstrating the need for businesses to prioritize SEO.
CX in the Era of Intelligent Self-Service
Shift your CX strategy from reactive to proactive by incorporating cutting-edge, AI-powered tools and knowledge bases. Brands are more capable of winning customer trust and maximizing operational efficiency than ever in this new era of smart, omnichannel self-service.
DMG Knowledge Management for Enterprise Report
For years, businesses have struggled to create and maintain standardized knowledge bases. With the push toward hybrid and WFH environments, mastering this challenge is even more crucial. Transform your communication and remove confusion with the implementation of a self-learning, AI-powered knowledge management system.
Four Pillars for a Best-in-Class Digital Experience Program in 2023 (and Beyond)
Customers want and increasingly expect a hyper-personalized digital experience across channels. Each step of the entire journey of interactions with your brand is expected to be frictionless and convenient. Prioritizing four key pillars will enable your brand to deliver on customer expectations and build a best-in-class digital experience.
Smart Self-Service: How to Better Leverage AI & Maximize Success
With traditional self-service falling behind the modern digital experience, smart self-service closes the gap in order for your brand to fulfill expectations in an environment of constantly changing consumer demands. Data shows the results of smart self-service integration lead to boosted revenue and, more importantly, happier customers.
Digital solutions for digital-first CX
NICE provides comprehensive solutions that deliver premier CX experiences. Discover more about our FluenCX collection of products.
CXone Digital Platform
Connect with your customers wherever they are with CXone Digital Platform. Offer a cloud-based, consistent customer journey across 30 channels and counting, with the ability to add new channels quickly, and stay ahead of the competition.
CXone Expert
Provide smart, AI-backed knowledge management solutions to optimize your organization's content, both internally and externally. With information extended across search, web, CRMs, digital channels, and more, your customer journey has never been so seamless.
CXone SmartAssist
CXone SmartAssist is the premier virtual agent powered by Amelia, the leader in advanced conversational AI. The omnichannel presence of SmartAssist allows you to connect with customers to improve the quality and consistency of automated interactions.
CXone Guide
Reduce friction and remove barriers to provide the most successful customer journeys with CXone Guide. With it, your customers can find what they need more easily, driving customer engagement and reducing abandonment rates.
Enlighten XO
Harness the power of Enlighten AI for CX, a collection of AI models that analyze every second of every interaction to identify the successful behaviors that drive extraordinary Customer eXperience interactions (CXi).
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