What is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)?

UCaaS, which stands for unified communications as a service, is a cloud-based solution that consolidates all of a business's communication needs into one solution and is hosted by a single vendor in the cloud.

In the past, organizations had to contract one vendor for a PBX, another for phone service, another for video conferencing capabilities, and another for instant messaging. UCaaS simplifies this by enabling businesses to contract with a single vendor for all their business communications needs. UCaaS offerings can also include audio and web conferencing, email, text messaging, and basic contact center capabilities.

In addition to simplifying the vendor management process, UCaaS solutions also provide the same major benefit as other cloud-based services: IT overhead reduction and cost savings. For a regular subscription fee, UCaaS providers maintain communication solutions, host the hardware, and use their own staff to take care of it all. As communications technologies become more complex, having knowledgeable, experienced resources managing things can't be underestimated.

UCaaS in the contact center

Because UCaaS platforms are cloud-based, integration with other cloud-based solutions is relatively easy and straightforward. With a reliable internet connection, UCaaS can be integrated with contact center software to create a holistic solution that improves both the agent and the customer experience.

One example of a possible feature of a unified communications platform is a one-stop interface. Instead of having multiple windows open for the different channels the agents support (text, chat, etc.), they are consolidated into a single UI. UCaaS also makes it easier for agents to collaborate with internal subject matter experts (SMEs). The unified communications solution shows if the SME is available and then enables the agent to message them. If the agent is able to obtain guidance while the caller is still connected, this will positively impact first-call resolution rates.

How NICE is Redefining Customer Experience

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