What is a Phone Call Tracker?

A phone call tracker is an application that call centers employ to keep track of every phone call interaction between customers and agents alike. A phone call tracker brings numerous benefits to a call center by gathering data that guides leaderships’ decisions. A phone call tracker can measure agent performance, provide team leads with a guide that helps them narrow down where agents may need improvement, and identify trends in customer service. Phone call trackers can integrate with an agent’s customer relationship management tool for a seamless experience.

Phone call tracking software can record basic agent metrics such as average hold time, average talk time, first-call resolution rates, total number of inbound calls and outbound calls, time spent unavailable, and more. When agents do not meet their metrics, the customer experience can become negatively impacted. However, if team leads can quickly identify where an agent is lacking, they can address it directly instead of spending too much time trying to figure out why CSAT scores may be dropping.

Phone call trackers can also capture the reason for a customer’s call. Trending keywords presented on a call report that the tracker produces can alert call center leadership about anything from potential gaps in workflows to new suggestions for change. For example, if several customers call in with a billing issue related to a specific service, management can look to see if something is amiss. Alternatively, if customers are constantly calling in to request a new service, leadership can consider their customers’ needs and revisit their current setup.

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