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Ventana Research: Winning and Retaining the Modern Customer


These days, consumers aren’t easily impressed. It takes effort and strategy throughout the entire buying journey to sweep them off their feet and deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX). So how do you not only make customers happy, but keep them that way and get them to stay loyal to your brand? This new NICE-sponsored Ventana Research report uncovers critical insights in order to answer this question.

CX leaders aren’t spectators in the customer service game. They are the coaches, continuously adapting and running their best plays to outpace the competition. To satisfy the digital customer, your leadership team must build a modern CX framework: A platform that utilizes real-time data and analytics to respond to and then act on interactions. Investing in the technology that will break down silos and create more opportunities for customer satisfaction is the biggest favor your organization can do for its growth.

As it says in the report, “At its heart, CX is about looking at the customer journey well beyond any individual interaction.” Achieving brand differentiation demands an understanding of exactly who your customers are and what they want. This requires tools and systems that will help gather intelligence, analyze data, and extend the lifetime value of customers throughout their experience with your brand. By implementing and maintaining a comprehensive CX platform, your organization will be fully equipped to handle and maintain the demands and expectations of the modern customer.

Read the report to delve deeper into these key CX-enhancing tactics:

  • Predict customer needs and behaviors to better understand their journeys
  • Implement analytics to recognize customer expectations and leverage opportunities
  • Use AI and digital channels to optimize and better guide the customer journey
  • Collect real-time data at every journey touchpoint to anticipate future customer needs
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White Papers

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